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Doing Business in Indonesia

Indonesia is an endemically complex society, the 4th most populous nation, approaching 240 millions people spread over 17,000 islands in the world’s largest archipelago. It is also home to a multiplicity and its slow but moving acceptance of democracy, the country offers untold investment opportunities in wide variety of sectors; notably natural resources from oil and gas, plantations, timber, textiles, manufacturing, financial services, and tourism.

As anywhere in the world new investors urgently need an in-depth understanding of social, legal and political structure of the country before making decision to enter the market. This includes various strategies on available potentials, parties with whom to work with and suitable location for consideration. This is exactly where our expertise, proven analytical research, political and corporate contacts, as well as nationwide associates are essential to avoid wrong and often irreparable decisions allowing investors a successful entry into new territory.

Critical to business success in every sector is a clear definition by the company of its stakeholders, not just obvious. Having identified them, we then must understand their nature and the impact towards our company on its immediate neighborhood. This knowledge is important to foretell potential local problems and collate suitable programs to prevent ongoing and potentially disruptive problems.

Royston has deep experience in these critical fields, not only advising and creating specific programs but then being on 24/7 alert to guide and assist our clients through any troublesome situations, with the cooperation of our national networks, including opinion leaders, local and national political leaders, parliamentarians, academicians and NGOs.

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